December 9, 2022

Ramadan Offering by the Rotary Club

 distribution of traditional Ramadan food supplement bags

 I recently attended a dinner with Chris given by the Kyrenia St Hilarion Rotary Club and at this time learned something of the good work they do.   During the evening we had bought raffle tickets, which were in fact very nice fridge magnets with a number attached, and I was lucky enough to win a prize of a dinner for two at Café Dűkkan which I subsequently wrote about in Cyprus Observer and so that both the charity and the restaurant would benefit from maximum publicity.

I have just learned of the great news of a recent charitable event by the Rotary Club which was the distribution of traditional Ramadan food supplement bags to people before the Ramadan Bayram to make their Bayram celebrations a little easier.How nice to hear that there are people working tirelessly to help those less fortunate than others.

I am sure that the people receiving this Ramadan offering were very grateful to the Rotary Club and long may they continue with their good work which I will ensure is publicised in the most effective way.

By Margaret Sheard

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