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GAU – New Era in Maritime Education

GAU WILL LEAVE A MARK AND BUILD AWARENESS IN INTERNATIONAL MARITIME EDUCATION GAU is providing simulation training stations and an open air laboratory for the 4 year programs of Transportation and Logistics and Deck (Shipping Management Engineering) under Maritime and Transportation Higher School. Captain Eftal Safel, the Principal […]

GAU Accredited as a Member of Caucasus Universities Association

GAU ACCREDITED AS A MEMBER OF CAUCASUS UNIVERSITIES ASSOCIATION GAU have participated in the 3rd of this year’s Ordinary Congress of Caucasus Universities Association. On behalf of GAU, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Sadık Ülker has participated in the 3rd Ordinary Congress of Caucasus Universities Association organized in Baku, the […]

GAU Intercontinental Higher Education Entrance And Scholarship Exam Is Finalized

GAU INTERCONTINENTAL HIGHER EDUCATION ENTRANCE AND SCHOLARSHIP EXAM IS FINALIZED The GAU, TRNC and TR citizen orientated Entrance and Scholarship Exam was completed on Tuesday 4th June. The Exam was held under English and Turkish languages depending on the method of education at 10:00am in GAU Karmi Campus […]

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