December 6, 2022

News from GAU

Architecture Exhibition in Istanbul

By Margaret Sheard

More news from Girne American University which gives information about the start of an Architecture Exhibition in Istanbul of the work of GAU students.

The Polyphonic Architecture Exhibition of GAU students of architecture has commenced in Istanbul Technical University and Yıldız Technical University will exhibit the projects prepared by GAU Architecture students under the 2013 Yıldız Gatherings – The Polyphonic Architecture Exhibition.

The curatorship of the exhibition was undertaken by the Head of GAU Department of Painting, Dr. Mehmet Adil, while the exhibition committee consists of Head of GAU Architecture Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Shahin Keynoush, Dr. Begüm Gücük and Instructor, Gülten Göze.

The opening ceremony of the Exhibition held in Yıldız Technical Prof. Dr Zafer AğdelenUniversity was attended by GAU Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr Zafer Ağdelen, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Design and Fine Arts and Head of Architecture Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri, Head of GAU Interior Architecture Department, Dr. Mehmet Adil and Dean of YTU Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Dr. Murat Soygeniş.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Zafer Ağdelen said this is “A significant indicator for the quality of education and student development”.

The exhibition organized with the co-operation of YTU and GAU Architecture Departments has revealed the point of success of GAU in education quality and student development. Ağdelen also underlined that GAU will still continue to establish co-operation amongst the authority institutions and relevant departments in order to enhance the quality. Ağdelen also emphasized that such activities will not only motivate students during their education but also during their careers.Architecture Exhibition

Ağdelen also underlined the fact that the program of Construction Management is amongst the “Best 100 Post-Graduate” programs accredited by the European Union official auditing and accreditation institution EDUNIVERSAL.

Ağdelen also said that the Exhibition of Polyphonic Architecture was also contemplating contemporary design in Cyprus. Work-in-Progress consists of work produced by GAU Architecture students.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri has underlined that the exhibition has attracted great attention. He also stated that the main theme of the exhibition was the design process in architecture and the reflection of the education philosophy of the GAU Architecture Department. The exhibition also emphasizes the significance of the process and research in design and the multi actor structure with social content and responsibilities of design. Sadri underlined the significance of the exhibition with the quality of education and the development of students. Sadri also emphasized that the GAU Architecture Department is ranked amongst the top 5 of the many scientific seminars, conferences, workshops and exhibitions which are held. The exhibition will be expecting visitors until 30th of April 2013. 

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