January 30, 2023


The expectations of the graduates of the Department of Computer Engineering of the sector and the business life has been examined in a seminar which had been organized by the Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Architecture.

Bora Tüccaroğlu – President of Chamber of Computer Engineering – attended the seminar of “The Expectations of the Companies Computer Engineeringfrom the Computer Engineers” which was held in the Girne American University (GAU) Cyprus-Girne Campus Millennium Complex Senate Congress Center as a spokesperson.

The Vice-Rector and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer Ağdelen has stated that GAU the Faculty of Engineering has created a great importance with the ASIIN accreditation and underlined that GAU as a Northern Cyprus University, is the first and only Turkish university to be recognized as an accredited institution by the European Union.

Assoc. Prof Dr. Ağdelen also stating that significant attributes are made to the development of the students via both theoretic education within the standards of the EU and the informationMaking a sound presentation and the experiences of the opinion leaders, Ağdelen also mentioned that GAU is preparing to commence 2 new different disciplines for the engineering education and also underlined that the seminar was organized for the sake of helping the graduates to adapt to the work life and to acknowledge the students about the expectations of the work life and the sector.

“The Finalization of the Education Development after Graduation is the Biggest Problem”

Bora Tüccaroğlu – the President of Chamber of Computer Engineering – who attended the seminar as a spokesperson had stated that the graduates will be involved in the project administration and yet the graduates will be required to be efficient in the work, system, team cohesiveness and most importantly project administration of the sector.

Tüccaroğlu stating that one of the main problems faced by the sector is the lack of development contributed by the graduates, and emphasized the importance of the development of the education conducted during the pre-graduation period to be continued after the graduation as well.

Tüccaroğlu also stated that the duty of the engineering is to undertake the roles fixed for continuous education and development and also project administration, yet rephrased that graduate engineers must continuously successdevelop themselves through various educational programmes.

Tüccaroğlu also stated that in most of the countries the non-governmental organizations are conducting important work for explaining the working life, perspectives and the engineering in the country to those who have been introduced into the sector, Tüccaroğlu also emphasized that besides the theoretic education, the internships which are conducted by learning and practicing will support students to be more successful in their occupations.


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