January 30, 2023

GAU’s Important Contribution to the National Culture Preservation

GAU has received a certificate of appreciation and plaque from the National Archive and Research Department of TRNC Presidency for the works completed by students within the National Archives as a part of social responsibility project.

Under the co-ordination of lecturer Zeki Akçam, Social Responsibilities lecture which is Zeki Akçam (left) and students have been presented with a plaque by Gökhan Şengör.(right)being taught in GAU Education Faculty, students have completed works that help researchers and scientists to access information and helped with the protection of documents.

In the ceremony which was held in National Archive and Research Department, lecturer Zeki Akçam and students have been presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and plaque by the Head of National Archive and Research Department, Gökhan Şengör.

Deanship of Education presented a Certificate of Appreciation

Lecturer Zeki Akçam forwarded a letter of appreciation given by the Dean to GAU Education Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saadettin Yıldız and received an appreciation plaque.  In his speech he stated that scientists and students of GAU will continue social responsibility projects. With the works completed within National Archive, important documents and photographs have now been revealed and preserved.

GAU continues the project about social responsibilities.

With the lecture named “Community Service Practices” taught within GAU Education Faculty, a group consisting of students and lecturers are performing works at the  National Archive which is moving into a new building.

Head of National Archive and Research Department Gökhan Şengör made statements to GAU TV about documents protected in Gau students who participated in the Milli Arşiv  projectold storages by National Archive Department authorities, the moving of documents to new storages, works conducted by GAU in maintenance, rearrangements and bringing documents into use for researchers. He also stated that GAU is proceeding with social responsibility awareness and the project will be an example to other services which demonstrates co-operation of official and social services with  the university for social benefit.

Şengör stated that  the first part of the project consists of moving trial files and the rearranging process. He also thanked GAU for contributing to history and society.

Lecturer in GAU Education Faculty and project coordinator Zeki Akçam made a statement. He pointed out the importance of the project by means of leaving knowledge New Milli Arsiv centreinheritance in addition to cultural inheritance of Turkish Cypriots. He also emphasized that by moving and placing valuable documents as spiritual inheritance of Turkish Cypriots to new storages, GAU is creating an important difference and awareness.

Akçam also stated that within the framework of social responsibility mission, other projects which benefits to social and public will be implemented. In the second part of the project old documents will be transferred to digital media and other than  the National Archive project, similar projects for the schools in rural regions will start in the same term.

Cyprusscene Editor’s Note: I was so interested to read this article as I have spent many happy times in the past talking to and receiving so much help and information from Gökhan Şengör and it gave me great pleasure to re-publish an article about him and Milli Arşiv. To read more click here: History of Milli Arşiv

By Chris Elliott

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