December 4, 2023

Turkish President Erdoğan “Time will prove what a great mistake the European Union has made”

Turkish President Erdoğan: “Time will prove what a great mistake the European Union has made”  President of the Republic of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Complex. 

“We determinedly continue our efforts to build the century of Türkiye. Since the last cabinet meeting, we have attended numerous events, summits, talks, and opening ceremonies both at home and abroad. With the 10th Summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS), which was held in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana under the theme ‘Turk Time’, we consolidated our unity and solidarity as the Turkic World. We are pleased with the distance the OTS has covered in terms of the number of members, the extent of cooperation, and institutionalization,” said President Erdoğan.   Describing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (TRNC) admission to the OTS as an observer member under its constitutional name as a historic step, President Erdoğan said that the OTS, through this step, broke the isolation imposed on the Turkish Cypriots and displayed solidarity with the Turkish Cypriot people. 

Erdoğan congratulated the 15 November Republic Day of the TRNC, which proudly celebrated its 40th Anniversary last week, and stated that time will prove what a great mistake the European Union has made in penalising the Turkish Cypriots by acting contrary to its promises. President Erdoğan added “Despite all injustices we endure, we maintain our will for a just and permanent solution. The way, we believe, is through the recognition of the Turkish Cypriots’ equal sovereignty and equal international status”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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1 thought on “Turkish President Erdoğan said the EU has made a great mistake

  1. Of course the EU made a mistake! They made their decision to allow South Cyprus to join EU fully aware of the consequences so pretending to be unaware of the outcome is disingenuous. South Cyprus was nowhere near qualified to join but they allowed it anyway, notwithstanding the political fall out. There’s a glimmer of redemption by recognising TRNC & not necessarily allowing it to join the EU – just recognise TRNC so their people can get on having normal lives. It’s an obscene situation that the victims continue to suffer, all because they want to have the basic human rights as any other group of people. It’s time for the EU to do the grown up thing and don’t be bullied by the Greeks . Time for niceties are over.

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