December 4, 2023

Ziya Rızkı 29th anniversary commemorated

Ziya Rızkı, the former mayor, member of parliament, commander, man of literature and sports, who made significant contributions to the struggle for existence of the Turkish Cypriot people, was commemorated with ceremonies on the 29th anniversary of his death.

The first ceremony, held at 09:30 am in front of the Ziya Rızkı bust at the 20 July Stadium Junction, ended with laying wreaths on the bust and observing a minutes silence.

At the second ceremony held at 10:15 am at Ziya Rızkı’s grave in Karaoğlanoğlu Cemetery, speeches were made and Ziya Rızkı’s life and the important services he provided to the society were re-told.  This commemoration ceremony was attended by the former President, Mustafa Akıncı, CTP Girne Deputy, Dr. Ceyhun Biri, Girne Mayor, Murat Şenkul, TDP Secretary General, Ersen Sururi, Ziya Rızkı Foundation Board of Trustees members and Rızkı’s family and other loved ones.

Mayor of Girne, Murat Şenkul, recalled that Rızkı had set out on a path to prevent injustice and inequality in the past and to ensure social justice and that he, as a person who shares the same position as Rızkı,  in accordance with the principles of the social state, it is his duty to ensure social justice and equality. He said that he was working with the aim of leaving a name as clean and undisputed as that of Rızkı.

Stating that financial issues and personal interests have begun to take precedence over everything else in the country and that this should be stopped, Şenkul stated that instead of fighting and pursuing things that will not happen, it is necessary to adjust to what can happen  He also mentioned Ziya Rızkı, as an important exemplary name in this sense, with his ideals. He stated that those ideas should be brought to the fore and transferred to future generations.

Ziya Rızkı Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman and CTP Girne Deputy, Dr. Ceyhun Biri ,said that the late Ziya Rızkı was a leader who served the Turkish Cypriot Community throughout his life as commander, member of parliament, mayor, sportsman and artist, and devoted his life to his people.  Providing information about the work they have done as the Foundation to keep alive the memory of Ziya Rızkı, as a just and honest leader and to pass it on to future generations, Birinci noted that they are working to ensure that Ziya Rızkı’s services and life are included in the History of Cyprus books.  Biri emphasized that during the period the country is going through, the duty of those who love the Foundation and Rizki is to fight against unfair, anti-democratic approaches in the country in line with its principles.

Former President Mustafa Akıncı, stated that Ziya Rızkı is remembered with respect on the 29th anniversary of his death, and reminded all that Rızkı, known for his membership in parliament, mayor, commander, and sportsman, also had a very important cultural and artistic aspect.  Stating that while the centenary of the Republic of Turkey is being celebrated, the place, social identity and role of women are still being discussed today, Akıncı said that Ziya Rızkı, who gave women the place they deserved in society in the 1940s when the Republic of Turkey started to develop, lived in Limassol with his wife Letafet Hanım. Reminding all that he was a personality who was involved in cultural and artistic activities in Turkey, Akıncı noted that he was a leader of the Turkish Cypriots who adopted Atatürk’s revolution and principles.

TDP Secretary General, Ersen Sururi, stated that Rızkı was a leader who served the Turkish Cypriot Community in many areas and won the love and respect of the society with his just, compassionate, and human-loving personality, and said that they will continue to walk in the light of his teachings.  Sururi also emphasized that it is a duty to pass on Rizki’s struggle and teachings to future generations.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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