September 23, 2023

ARUCAD Press has published its first scientific book entitled  “New Approaches Toward Recording, Preserving and Studying Cultural Heritage in Divided Cyprus: Problems and Opportunities”.

The book contains nineteen articles from Cypriot and foreign authors that address various and complex themes regarding the past, present and future of Cyprus’ Cultural Heritage.

The book, which was published as a result of the international conference of the same name held at Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD) in 2019, was edited by Professors Dr. Latife Summerer, Dr. Marko Kiessel and Dr. Hazar Kaba.  At the Conference, which brought together scientists from Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, Greece and both sides of Cyprus, fruitful presentations were made on the cultural heritage of the island of Cyprus.

The publication in question emerged as a result of the efforts of academics and researchers who value the common cultural heritage of the Island and believe that the solution (to the Cyprob) can only be achieved through an advanced academic discussion of the challenges posed by the current political and academic status quo. The aim of the book is to articulate how sophisticated exploration, careful conservation and international publication of heritage sites can be possible even in the absence of a comprehensive Island-wide political solution, conceptualizing a scientifically oriented “reorganization” that leads to new avenues and opportunities.

The book has been edited in the form of nineteen articles by Cypriot and foreign authors, each of which deals with various and complex themes related to the past, present and future of the cultural heritage of Cyprus, and has been presented by ARUCAD Press for the attention of international researchers as well as large audiences.

Source (Turkish): Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD)

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