September 30, 2023

Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan Revision Process Started


The revision process for the Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan, which came into force in 2018 and has now expired after five years, has been launched. The decision was announced at a press conference held at the Girne Municipality. The press conference was attended by Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul, Çatalköy-Esentepe Mayor Ceyhun Kırok, and KKTC City Planning Department Director Türkmen Yiğitcan, as well as Girne Municipal Council Members. During the approximately half-hour meeting, information was provided on the process, and important announcements were made about the issues to be considered.

Şenkul: “Decisions Will Be Made in Consideration of Infrastructure Problems”

Şenkul, who said that he had decided in principle to start the revision process of the Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan with Kırok and Yiğitcan, said that all necessary announcements would be made on Wednesday, August 23, to start the process. Reminding that the public has expectations regarding the issue, Şenkul emphasized that some decisions would be made by considering the city’s basic infrastructure problems as a basic principle. Reminding that the issue also has social and living dimensions in addition to technical details, Şenkul underlined that it is vital to be able to make infrastructure preparations before saying yes or no to something. In this context, Şenkul stated that two major problems that need to be resolved should be emphasized to individuals or institutions that will request development in the region.

“East Ring Road”

Şenkul pointed out that one of these problems is the East Ring Road, and that the region cannot support the current population. He reminded that the Girne East Ring Road will make Girne City more open to development.

“We Support Infrastructure-Supported Development”

In this context, Şenkul drew attention to the fact that it is more important to discuss whether there is a ground and infrastructure for five-star hotels to be allowed, rather than whether new five-star hotel permits will be given. Stating that they are not categorically opposed to such developments with the creation of the necessary ground and infrastructure, Şenkul pointed out that the important thing is that the preparations for the infrastructure sufficiency of the investments to be made are complete. Drawing attention to the situation that unprepared decisions have brought the country to, Şenkul said, “it is now time for us to think more holistically.”

“Not Very Tall, but Valuable Buildings Are Needed”

Adding that demands for an increase in floor usage are also expected, Şenkul commented, “at this point, valuable buildings are needed, not very tall ones.” Underlining the need to take steps by considering the quality of the buildings and the value they add to the city, not the number of buildings, Şenkul pointed out that the important thing is livability.

“We Wish Public Demands, Not Individual Demands”

Şenkul added that his wish regarding the future demands is for them to be public demands rather than individual demands. He emphasized that the basic goal is to raise the quality of life of the people living in the country. Stating that they are open to all suggestions in this sense, Şenkul underlined that they attach importance to the suggestions of all institutions and organizations that can contribute to social benefit.

Yiğitcan: “Steps Will Be Taken in Consideration of Public Benefit and Science”

Reminding that the Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan was put into force in February 2018, KKTC City Planning Department Director Türkmen Yiğitcan noted that the revision process should be initiated due to the expiration of the 5-year period required by the Development Law. Stating that they decided to start the revision work with the request and support of the mayors of Girne and Çatalköy-Esentepe, Yiğitcan wished the works to be beneficial. Also mentioning the issue of future demands, Yiğitcan stated that necessary steps will be taken by considering public benefit and science in this context.

Kırok: “We Will Plan the Next Five Years”

Noting that many points have changed in the five-year process, Çatalköy-Esentepe Mayor Ceyhun Kırok stated that they wanted the revision to be completed quickly for this reason, and emphasized that the next five years will be planned in a way that takes into account the public interest.


The revision process for the Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan is expected to be completed in a short period of time. The decisions to be made in the revision process will be of great importance for the future of the region.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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3 thoughts on “Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan Revision Process Started

  1. Without Catering for the Volume of Traffic that frequents the Access and Exits Between Girne and The Esentepe Exit, No Other Major is going to be Effective Enough.
    That Kind of Infrastructure Improvements is Essential over any other.

  2. It’s about time the planning dept stopped further planning until electric and water supplies have improved, there are 21 development sites in a 4 km stretch by Tatlisue/ Esentepe… all new buildings should have solar systems built in from new to assist Kibtek who obviously cannot keep up with demand, with over 300 days of sun it is absolutely scandalous that the planning department don’t insist on it.

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