October 1, 2023

‘GIRNE FEST 23’, which will be held for the first time this year will host uninterrupted cultural, artistic and sports events for 40 days. It will take place between September 1st and October 10th.

The first-ever ‘GIRNE FEST 23’ will be held under the auspices of the Girne Municipality.  Girne, as the tourism center of the island, is preparing to host a prestigious, wide-ranging 40-day festival program.  ‘GIRNE FEST 23’, where more than 200 musicians, theatre actors, and artists from Turkey, the TRNC, and various countries of the world will participate, will take place between 1 September and 10 October.

A press conference was held at the Girne Municipality Assembly Meeting Hall about ‘GIRNE FEST 23’ and comprehensive information was given about the festival.  Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul, Council Member and Culture Committee Chairman Ziya Egemen Sencer, Council Member Burak Anildi, Municipality Manager Hüseyin Köle, Deputy Director Naile Soyel, Culture and Art Department Branch Supervisor Aysun Çelik and Cultural Affairs Advisor Serdar Tuksal attended the meeting.

‘GIRNE FEST 23’, combines festivals that came to life at various points in the past, which will be gathered under one ”umbrella” and spread over a period of 40 days. It will open with the Ozanköy Molasses Festival and end with the Olive Orchard Festival.  Described as a step towards turning the Tourism City of Kyrenia into a centre of attraction, the festival aims to attract tourists to visit the City of Kyrenia.  Girne Municipality Amphitheater will be used as the main concert venue, other event locations include Ramadan Cemil Square, Kaşgar Court, Karaoğlanoğlu Beach, Ozanköy, and Zeytinlik Village.

At the press conference, it was announced that a new logo design was made for ‘GIRNE FEST 23’, the logo includes the Chain Tower in the Ancient Harbour, Kyrenia Castle, Bellapais Monastery.  It was noted that the Queen’s Windows in Hillarion Castle and the Girne Amphitheater are included

Many events will be held during  ‘GIRNE FEST 23’, in which more than 200 musicians, theatre actors and artists from Turkey, TRNC and various countries of the world will participate.  The festival will feature artists such as Manga, Cahit Berkay and Symphonic Anatolian Orchestra, Ziynet Sali, Santana Tribute Band, Haluk Levent, Edip Akbayram, performing two plays from the Turkish State Theatre.

‘GIRNE FEST 23’, will also include local theatre groups, local music groups, antique and art days, coffee and book days, gastro wine days, and various concerts to be held in the amphitheater and city squares. Exhibitions and sports events will take place, will be held for the first time. Girne Municipality is also hosting the 1st International Museums Art Symposium.

At the Karaoğlanoğlu Sea Festival, which is one of the legs of ‘GIRNE FEST 23’, water sports, underwater photography competition, air badminton, beach football, canoe, and tennis tournaments will be held with the coordination of the relevant federations.  It has been announced that prizes and trophies will be given to the participants at the end of the tournaments.

All event tickets can be purchased online at www.kibrisbiletcim.com or from Girne Municipality New Service Building, all muhtars’ cashiers, and Nicosia and Girne Deniz Plaza.  It was noted at the meeting the importance of buying tickets early so that citizens would not have any problems with the main concerts.  Ticket prices were determined as 15 Euros for Santana Tribute Band and 200 TL for all other concerts.

Girne Mayor, Murat Şenkul, who started his speech with the fact that many cultural, artistic, and sports events will come to life within the scope of ‘GIRNE FEST 23’, stated that it will be a full 40 days in Girne.  Expressing that the primary purpose of the festival is to contribute to the tourism of the country, especially Girne, the Mayor noted that with the length of the festival, coming to Cyprus in September will be a wonderful opportunity for visitors.  Explaining that the festival will create a cultural and art period for our people living in the country, where they can forget all their troubles, Şenkul gave detailed information about the scope of the festival.

Şenkul added that sponsorship will support the ‘GIRNE FEST 23’ festival and emphasized that the visibility in the media will be at a valuable level for the sponsoring companies for a 2-month period.  Şenkul also pointed out that the name of the main name sponsor of the festival will be at the beginning of the festival’s name for two months, providing important publicity.  Noting that they are open to sponsorships such as hotel/backstage and transportation sponsorships as well as financial sponsorships, Şenkul invited investors from all over the country, in particular Girne, to contribute.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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