September 23, 2023
The Jury of the 12th Cartoon and Humour Festival and Cartoon Competition, part of the 22nd International Olive Festival, held its first meeting.   The competition has been ongoing for years in cooperation with Girne Municipality and the Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists Association.   This year, the grand prize will be awarded on behalf of the Champion Angels Team! 

The Jury Meeting took place at Girne Grand Pasha Hotel and was attended by Girne Mayor and Honorary Chairman of the International Selection Committee, Murat Şenkul, as well as jury members Elahe Khoraman (Iran), Valeri Aleksandrov (Bulgaria), Gülfidan Özdilek (Turkey), Semra Yalçın Beyhanlı (Cyprus), Serhan Gazioğlu (Cyprus), Musa Kayra (Cyprus), and Hüseyin Çakmak (Cyprus). During the approximately one-hour meeting, the induction of the jury for the 12th Cartoon and Humour Festival and Cartoon Competition was carried out, and extensive information was provided about the history and ambitions of the competition.

380 Works From 39 Countries.
It was announced that 380 works from 134 artists from 39 countries were considered for evaluation in this year’s 12th Cartoon and Humour Festival and Cartoon Competition. It was stated in the press conference that according to this year’s plans, a total of 40,000 TL prize money will be awarded to the winning works, and it was noted that the grand prize of the competition will be given in memory of the Champion Angels Team.  After the press conference, the jury members provided the press members with information and visuals about the evaluation that will be conducted.  The jury members then moved to a separate section allocated for the three-day evaluation work.  Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul started his speech  by announcing that a change was made in this year’s  Competition, and an award was organized in the name of the Champion Angels Team, who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster in Turkey on February 6. Şenkul wished success to all jury members for the three-day period in which the 380 works will be evaluated, and reiterated his belief that good results will be achieved thanks to the competition.

Delayed Award Presented.
At the end of the press conference, the award that could not be presented earlier due to the pandemnic to Elahe Khoraman, who participated as a contestant in the 11th Cartoon and Humour Festival and Cartoon Competition held in 2020 and won the “Silver Olive Award,” was made. The award was presented to Elahe Khoraman, who participated as a jury member in this year’s competition, by Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul.

Girne Festival.
At the press conference Şenkul also provided information about the planned Girne Festival, stating that a 1-month festival will take place starting with the Ozanköy Grape Molasses Festival and ending with the Zeytinlik Festival. Şenkul said that various cultural and artistic activities will be organized in various parts of Girne during the 1-month duration of the festival, and emphasized that the aim is to create a cultural and artistic event that will be enjoyed for 30-35 days on the North coast of the country.

Introducing Cyprus Culture To The World
In his speech Hüseyin Çakmak, a member of the Cartoon and Humour Festival Organization Committee and a jury member, provided a brief history of the competition. Çakmak stated that the competition came to life in 2007 as the National Olive Cartoon Competition and emphasized that in the following years, the competition gained an international dimension. Çakmak explained that the event is an important organization introducing both the city of Girne and the culture of Cyprus to the world, and emphasized that the competition has an important scope in terms of promoting olives to the world. Çakmak highlighted that the event has received significant international feedback and that cartoonists from many countries around the world have participated in the event. He added that approximately 70 cartoonists have been hosted in Girne over a period of 12 years, creating a significant publication archive. Çakmak stated that this archive has reached libraries, universities, and renowned cartoon authorities in various countries around the world, and expressed his happiness in this regard.
Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality
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