October 1, 2023

Readers mail….
From Olcay Akdeniz….

Asking the British or anyone else with our Turkish Cypriot demand for recognition of the TRNC has and will get us nowhere and I blame ourselves for the past inaction in many categories of action and weak attempts.

The Turkish Military in 1974, had total control over Larnaca and the coastlines including Hala Sultan Tekkesi. (The Third Most Sacred Site in Islam).

Can anyone not see the strategic advantage that was within the grasp of the future Turkish Republic of Cyprus?

No 1- We would have had one of the British Sovereign bases within our territory, this being one of two bases and in my opinion, the British government would not have so readily recognised the Pseudo-Greeks as the Official Government of the whole of Cyprus if the Turkish forces had not agreed to withdraw their forces to another peacekeeping defensive line.

No 2- The UN and the EU would have thought twice about treating the Turkish Community as an easy lot to pacify if we had not believed that the Truth would eventually be Recognised and we would have been treated better than we have. But sadly, The Easy Path is Always Preferred by so many and so we still have a stalemate situation in Cyprus!

Late it may have been, But at last, we have arrived at a point where we have been positive for once, and President Tatar’s proposals for a Two State Solution of Equal International Status is a great plan but is that enough to give us freedom and recognition?

I am of the opinion that unless we formulate Plan No. 2 which would have a more positive effect on Option 1 or we will get nowhere in getting the so-called RoC to come to an agreement when they have most of what they want!

So, Option No 2- Should be strong, logical, and applicable, and much less acceptable to southern Cyprus.

We must always keep in mind that, The RoC is southern Cyprus but The Turkish Republic of TRNC is in the East, West, and North of the island so we are not just North Cyprus only.

My Proposal for Option No 2 – is a Con-Federally United, Turkish Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Türkiye.

I believe that would make some waves in the little pond that the RoC swims in and it would have to be their choice of accepting Option 1 or 2.

To drive the Cyprus issue forward we must set an acceptable deadline for an agreement which I would suggest should be during 2024.

With my Respect and Best Wishes to All.

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