September 30, 2023

Girne Municipality has launched a project to update the information of businesses throughout the city. As part of the project led by Girne Municipality Information Processing Department, teams were formed as of June 12th, and they have started visiting all businesses to update their information. The aim of this project is to ensure more efficient services for registered businesses, as well as to eliminate unfair competition by identifying unregistered businesses.

Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul stated that a project has been initiated under the leadership of Girne Municipality Information Processing Department to update the records of businesses throughout the city. He explained that the project will update the information of registered businesses and register unregistered businesses. Şenkul mentioned that according to the reports received from the teams, the number of unregistered businesses in the city is much higher than estimated. He said, “Your business permit may expire, you may forget to renew it, and you may not be able to renew it due to minor obstacles.

These are common points, and we want it to be known that we will provide the necessary facilities to businesses in this regard and resolve the problems that have arisen in the past.” Şenkul added that necessary notifications have been made to unregistered businesses and emphasized, “We want it to be known that we will have zero tolerance for illegal businesses in Girne. We will put an end to this understanding that creates unfair competition and causes significant financial loss to our municipality. From this standpoint, if the businesses that have been reported for being unregistered show the necessary diligence in response to these reports, it will prevent the need for measures that may even include shutting them down in the coming days.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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