September 22, 2023

Margaret Sheard the late editor of CyprusScene

By Chris Elliott ….

CyprusScene is 11 years old and continues to promote News and Reviews for Northern Cyprus with the world but with the sad loss of Margaret Sheard, my best friend, and mentor last year, I have worked hard to keep our joint publishing dream alive and moving forward but it is getting harder and harder as so many more people and organisations are now sending us their contributions for worldwide distribution.

Margaret and I started our dream together writing in local newspapers and then briefly distributing the newspaper in the local high streets but sadly this did not work out and we led the way by switching to an online e-newspaper which others have since followed.

The world is changing and so have we, and now we are publishing from our website and sharing across a wide range of social media pages plus publishing podcasts and our e-newspaper, and in recent months I have started recording video interviews with people and organisations to promote their plans and these are then back shared through our other media outlets to gain maximum interest.

Looking forward now, I could do with a little help from people wishing to be part of our drive to take Northern Cyprus out to the world and this could be easy to do after a little training, so if you are interested, please drop me a note through the contact box below.    



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