September 22, 2023

By Trevor Hughes….


Those family members who are involved in the probate procedure will quickly realise, to leave this mortal world, is far more involved than joining it.

Something you may want to consider when drawing up a Will, especially if the executor does not live here and may struggle with trying to unravel this complicated procedure!

The only solicitor I would recommend is the one who undertook the procedure for my wife. He made the procedure very straight forward and made it extremely simple to execute, which was completed in just 17 weeks.

Remember. Were there’s a Will, there’s a relative.

Retrieval of Recorded Wills

If you need to retrieve your Will from the Registrar’s Office, you will need to go personally to her Office, taking with you your passport (if you have changed your passport since the will was first registered, take your old passport as well) and your registration number. She will go through her archives and return it to you in a matter of a few minutes. There is no charge made for her service.

First Time/Renewal of Temporary Residence

As you may be aware police appointments to visit the police station in Girne for Temporary Residence, is some 13 weeks away from the day you made your application, thus making it extremely frustrating and drawn out.

Well, Capital Insurance has the answer!

We can speed up the system by some 13 weeks without having the need to go to the police station.

Our fee for this service is £50 Stg, plus the usual Government fees. There are a few agents who are offering a similar service but charging up to £450 Stg for each person, plus Government fees. Believe it or not, people are paying these extortionate fees!

One of our customers who we processed through our Express Application system, came into our Office to inform us of her surprise with the speed her application was processed. Although we can help speed up applications, please do not take it for granted that this is always the case, because it all depends on the individual submitting the correct documents requested by the Police.

Passport Renewal

DHL have revised their courier fees.

For them to send a passport to the UK, their new fee is now 90 Euro per passport as this is a requirement laid out by the UK Government. An alternative option would be using the postal system in the South which costs 30.00 Euros.

Be aware

Some delightful individual has decided to clone my Facebook profile. So, if you receive a Facebook message asking for you and me to become Facebook friends please don’t open it as it is not me !!!!!

Apparently, there are quite a few people who have been targeted in the same manner, so be aware.

Bayram Holidays

Bayram Holidays for the month of June, when Government offices, Schools and some retail outlets will be closed.

The dates are as follows:

27th, 28th, 29th, and the 30th June 2023

Emergency phone number during this period 0533 844 3403

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