September 22, 2023

Readers mail….

From Susie L Ford (MAYHEM)….

We had a packed house at Hati’s Cafe in Esentepe on Saturday 27th May 2023 for our latest Mayhem show and we raised 4,044.00 TL for Tulips and we had an amazing crowd, singing along with us and clapping and dancing to make it a special night to remember.

Hati served lovely mezes, various breads, chicken shish, chips,  desserts, trifles, tiramisu, lemon cakes, and chocolate cakes all of which were absolutely perfect

We had a raffle with some great prizes including a barbeque set, bed set, wines,  gin, jewellery, a lovely purse plus breakfast for 4 people at Hati’s Cafe, and more!  We also auctioned off a rather large teddy bear who we called Mayhem and thank you to Chris Watson for adopting him and you now have a friend for life!

Our Mayhem team would like to say a big “WELL, DONE” to you all for helping us make it a very successful and memorable night.  

We would also like to say a big thank you to Hati and her team who all worked so very hard together with Linda Lamb who was selling all the raffle tickets and taking care of and counting up the monies for Tulips.

Thank you also to everyone who donated raffle prizes and to all you lovely people who supported our Mayhem team in their efforts to support Tulips!

I would like to thank my  Mayhem team including Martin Ford, Kate Bell, Charlie Bell, Kath Gardner, and  Graham Loftus! You are a fantastic team to work with and every show just gets better and better! What more can I say than I love you all?

So, do watch out for news about the next Mayhem Show on my Facebook Page

MAYHEM’S, Susie Q  Xxxx

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