June 8, 2023

Universities Search and Rescue Games 2023″ start

“The Universities Search and Rescue Games 2023″ (USARGames 2023), which will be held under the coordination of the Presidency of the Civil Defence Organisation with the participation of young people registered in the search and rescue clubs of the member universities of the International Universities Search and Rescue Council (IUSARC), started today (28th April 2023).

 The games, which will take place in the Metehan Training Area of the Directorate of Civil Defence Organisation in Lefkoşa, will continue until 30th April.

 The games to be participated in by the members of the search and rescue clubs of 13 universities operating in the TRNC, it is aimed to reach people affected by natural disasters and major accidents as soon as possible, to carry out correct search and rescue operations by creating the most suitable conditions for assistance, to minimise the loss of life by providing safe environmental conditions after providing basic first aid to the injured, and to raise awareness on search and rescue issues.

 Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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