June 10, 2023

Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Awards for the Arts and Culture on the occasion of World Arts Day 2023 …
By Heidi Trautmann….

It is for the second year that the Cultural Department under the leadership of Şirin Zaimağaoğlu has decided to honour the work of women and men who have contributed essential values to the arts and culture of North Cyprus. The Ismet Güney Art Centre was given a festive dress for the occasion with paintings from the Cultural Department Collection*) and a group of musicians entertained the guests prior to the award ceremony.

The first Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented last year to Mehmet Kansu (poet and writer), Aylin Örek (painter), İnci Kansu (paper artist), İsmail Bozkurt (writer), Mahmut İslamoğlu(writer)and Aytaç Çağın (music professional). Some of last year’s laureates were also present at this year’s presentation.

This year’s elect were: Ahmet Şevket Uzunahmet (sculptor), Arman Ratip (pianist and composer), Emel Samioğlu (painter), Gönen Atakol (painter), Gülgün Serdar (writer), Hüseyin Kaba (research writer and poet), İlter Veziroğlu (poet and writer), Neriman Cahit (poet and writer), Oktay Öksüzoğlu (poet), Osman Güvenir (painter and writer), Özden Selenge (painter and writer) and Yılmaz Taner (teacher and orchestra conductor).

The director of the Cultural Department Şirin Zaimağaoğlu emphasized again that the doyens of the arts and culture of the country who shape the image of our culture with their work should be shown our respect and appreciation and also especially during their lifetime.

Our President Ersin Tatar presented the awards to the laureates one by one. At the end of his speech, he said “Our artists are a symbol of our struggle for freedom and equality”.For me personally, it was a moving moment too, as most of the laureates were longtime friends and I felt with them in those moments. Perhaps one day in the near future we may also celebrate the opening of a museum for all those who leave precious works with us in order to share them with the public, especially with your young ones.

*) Paintings on display from the Cultural Department Collection:

Cumhur Deliceırmak, Emel Samioğlu, Feryal Sükan, Filiz Ankaç, Gönen Atakol, Hüseyin Özinal, Kemal Ankaç, Mehmet Uluhan, Mustafa Hastürk, Osman Güvenir, Osman Keten, Özden Selenge, Ruzen Atakan, Salih Mustafa Çizel, Serkan İlseven, Sümer Erek, Şenol Özdevrim, Yücel Yazgın.

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