June 8, 2023

Swiss team neutered 54 dogs and 52 cats for Girne Municipality

The Swiss team, who came to our country on April 4, World Stray Animal Day, performed a sterilization operation at the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and has intensified the animal sterilization operation.

Within the scope of the “Neutering of Stray Animals Project”, the operations were successfully completed with 4-day intensive work carried out by specialist veterinarians who came to our country from Switzerland for this purpose only.

Animal rights activist Soley Schumacher-Rüstem, Vet. Physician Burak Toksoy, Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center Manager Cem Taşlıovalı and Swiss Veterinarians Lisa Goldinger, Claudia Volz and Bernhard Staehelin were present at Girne Municipality Animal Shelter. While the sterilization of 54 dogs was completed under the supervision of specialist veterinarians at the municipal shelter and 52 cats were sterilized in the clinic of Girne Animal Rescue.

To the Swiss team that came to our country with the aim of the project; A plaque of appreciation was presented yesterday at the Girne Municipality New Service Building for their service rendered entirely on a voluntary basis.

Murat Şenkul, Mayor of Girne said, as a Municipality, we continue to fulfill our responsibilities regarding sterilization in controlling the population of stray animals. The protection of the lives of our pawed friends living on the streets should also with us every day, not just on April 4th. I would like to state that the Marathon revenues that we will realize as the Municipality on the last day of April will also be used in the neutering of Stray Animals project.

On behalf of our city, we would like to thank all the members of the ‘Network for Animal Protection’ team, who came from Switzerland to contribute to the sterilization operations, and Mr. Soley Schumacher-Rüstem and the Veterinary Doctors Association, who contributed to the coordination in this event.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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