June 10, 2023

By Trevor Hughes….

Belediyesi Rates Renewal

Lapta Belediyesi have now released their new charges for 2023. Their average increase is approximately 20%. Something more to consider when balancing your weekly/monthly outgoings!

This increase came as a pleasant surprise to me considering the other increases which have been loaded on us!!

Temporary Residence

The Government is currently updating the electronic system to ease the volume of Temporary Residence applications. When completed they will be considering making applications for up to five years in duration!! We wait and see.

Minimum Wage Review

The Government released their latest findings on whether the last minimum wage review has helped the lower-paid employees, who enjoyed a wage increase of 80.2 % in January this year, and the impact of the review has had on their weekly shopping bills.

Well, the figures have revealed the increase has had little effect and the cost of living is still out stripping the minimum wage by some 1200 TL per month for a family of two adults and two children, due to inflation.

So, when the minimum wage is reviewed again in July this year, I wonder how much more the minimum wage will be increased by?


UK Passports

There is a strong possibility, unions representing civil servants in the UK who process Passport renewals, will vote for industrial action in early April over their pay demands. If they do vote to go on strike, their action will more than likely slow down the procedure for completion of passport applications and renewals, meaning a knock-on effect taking longer to complete. You can of course apply for a renewal up to 9 months before the passport expires.

You may wish to show your application as having a UK postal address because the office is now asking why you are making your renewal application from outside the UK. If you have relatives living in the UK, ask them if they could take its delivery from you and then send it on to the Passport Office. When it has been processed, the new passport could be sent to you via our own PO Box in the South. (it’s only once every 10 years.)

BRS update CyprusScene about the UK Government Lobbying campaign

This is an extract from CyprusScene regarding the lobbying campaign by the BRS trying to get some sense into having the facility of direct flights into the TRNC, you may wish to listen to.

Hello, my name is Chris Elliott and I am pleased to welcome back to CyprusScene, BRS President Peter Wilkins and Hakan Redif together with Stephen Day who was instrumental in suggesting that the British Residents’ Society who were representing their British Citizens members in Northern Cyprus were perhaps in an ideal position to start a Lobbying Campaign through which all registered British Citizens could request the British Government change its policy of rejecting the equal rights of those traveling to and from or living in the TRNC.

To hear more from our further news and reviews channel, please play the video below and to see more videos about this issue click here click here and click here

Clocks Go Forward

Don’t forget the clocks go forward on Sunday 26th March this year.

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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