March 23, 2023

By Richard Beale….

DIGBY’S DAY OF FREEDOM! (Well an afternoon, well a couple of hours).

Digby one of the dogs at the Esentepe Dogs Home on Wednesday afternoon was given a taste of freedom on what life could be for him and was booked in for a Wash, Cut, and Blowdry by groomer Ghazaal at Tawny’s, Bahçeli complex.

Digby achieved many “firsts” first time on a lead/harness, meeting people, having a bath and a haircut, probably the first time he has felt water on him other than rain. So pleased to report Digby passed with flying colours after his initial nervousness of meeting people at Tawny’s bar he shone, he wasn’t afraid his tail continued to wag, and he even sat for food!. He loved being made a fuss of, he was made to feel very welcome by the regulars.

Then came his time for his pampering and literally took to it like a duck to water or should that be a dog! He loved it and Ghazaal who is a natural with dogs said “ As a puppy, he is unbelievably gentle and calm, the person who will adopt him won’t have any problems training him“.

After his session, he returned with Ghazaal on his lead, like he had been on it for years and again was the centre of attention at the bar again.

Sadly they all loved him but nobody said I will have him, so all good things come to an end and Digby, now a clean, fresh-smelling dog was returned to his cage.

Digby had tasted freedom, of what life could be like instead of spending 22 hours locked up in a cage.

Could you be the person who could give Digby his freedom, his loving forever home? If you are interested contact us, come up to the shelter to see him, and you can have him on a trial basis. Or Tel 0533 8309968.


He is around 10 months old, recovered from Parvovirus, and being poisoned, he has been neutered, and inoculated and is a mixed breed of Kangal, Collie, King Charles Spaniel, and others.

His Mum, Dad, and 3 siblings were all owned but were allowed to wander the streets of Esentepe. When the pre-elections for a new Mayor started, he was rounded up and put in a cage at the not finished Esentepe Dog Centre, where the dogs there were photographed for propaganda purposes and left there. They were not cared for very well and this is where the Esentepe Volunteers stepped in. We contacted his owner who was not interested in having his dogs back. Though Digby spends most of his life locked up in a cage, he is walked twice a day, fed, and watered, and has a clean cage to live in. He is a gentle, playful dog, and like a teddy bear, he will make an ideal family pet.

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