March 23, 2023

By Trevor Hughes….

TRNC Minimum Wage Review

We are all suffering from the Governments last minimum wage review and prices of all commodities have increased by 80.1% as a result, this includes all Belediye services and bills.

Well, the next minimum wage review will take place in July this year. God help us all if the next review is anything substantial like the last one!

Why oh why can’t the Government understand that these increases will create more inflation and all to soon after the increase is awarded, we will all be back to square one.

UK Driving Licence

The UK driving licence office are starting to review renewal applications, to see if they are going to renew said licences, because they can see renewals are being posted to foreign addresses.

For those of us who need to renew, can I suggest the licence is sent to a UK postal address and then forwarded to you. This will not alert them that you may be living abroad, thus making you illegible for a replacement.

Registering a Will with the TRNC Court

Although it is not compulsory, it is highly recommended that you do register your TRNC Will here.

The fee is now 185TL in postage stamps and 16TL in cash. You must make an appointment to register your Will with the Court Registrar on

Capital Insurance offer this service for a lot less money than most other outlets.

Don’t forget, if you have any assets in the UK, you must have a Will which conforms to English Law and we advise this is registered with a UK Solicitor!!

Earth Quake Insurance

We are all aware of the tragic earthquake that recently occurred in Turkey, killing up to 50 thousand people and injuring many more. The amount of damage caused, will amount to many billions of Turkish Lira and will take years for the repair or rebuilding work to be completed.

Therefore, we have had some of our customers making enquiries regarding, how, if a similar earthquake happened here in the TRNC, where do they stand when making a claim?

The General Manager, on behalf of the Chairman and the main board directors, has asked me to extend your concerns and worries, asking, “is the Company in a financial position to meet the possible volume of claims that could occur?”

Let me assure you that our Capital Group of Companies, along with all their contacts, are in an enviable financial position in meeting our obligation to you. With this in mind, we pay a large amount of money with banks in main land Turkey as a ‘back-up’ and together with the Provident Fund here, ensures that we are able to meet our commitment to you, our customer.

Please be assured that we will meet the terms of your insurance policy in full, as outlined in your policy.

Remember we are all in this together and always will be!

There are some of our customers who have not taken out earthquake cover for reasons only known unto themselves. Because their property has been standing there for many years, without the need for earthquake insurance cover. Well, I would wager the majority of people who took that view in Turkey, had wished they had the benefit of foresight and taken out insurance with a reputable company like Capital İnsurance.

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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