March 22, 2023

President Ersin Tatar’s statement on the anniversary of the UN passing Resolution 186

“UN Resolution 186, which was passed by the UN Security Council on March 4, 1964, is a black mark on the history of Cyprus.”

The written statement of President Ersin Tatar is as follows:

“The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 186 in relation to Cyprus exactly 59 years ago, on March 4, 1964, which has created the unsustainable status-quo that continues to prevail.

This resolution, which is a dark turning point on the history of the Cyprus issue, created the UN Peacekeeping Force on the island which was supposed to prevent Greek Cypriot acts of genocide being committed against the Turkish Cypriots. However, the said resolution also allowed the Greek Cypriot leadership to trample upon the legal rights of the Turkish Cypriots, who were expulsed by force of arms from the state apparatus of the 1960 formed partnership republic, which had been formed out of the inherent sovereign equality rights exercised by the equal Turkish Cypriot People and Greek Cypriot People.

As I have underlined in many international platforms: One of the primary reasons why the Cyprus issue has been continuing to date is due to Resolution 186, that was unjustly adopted by the UN Security Council which was in fact a political decision, paving the way for the partnership republic to be transformed into an exclusively Greek Cypriot state, and in doing so treating the Greek Cypriot Side as the “sole legitimate government of Cyprus”.

The Greek Cypriot Side has exploited this unfair political resolution and used it to consolidate its position and to strengthen their comfort zone, as well as continuing its intransigent stance and is only interested in playing for time.  Whilst this resolution constitutes the biggest obstacle preventing a settlement, it has also created a lack of equilibrium between the two Sides, which unless is ended, will continue to be abused by the Greek Cypriot Side to obstruct any form of agreement.

It is precisely for this reason that I put forward our new vision that is based on the reaffirmation of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot People that are our inherent rights, that will put an end to the imposing status quo which has lasted many decades.

Only on this basis can new and formal negotiations begin. There are two equal States and two equal Peoples on the island of Cyprus, and a just and lasting settlement can only be reached through negotiation in the light of these facts. The Turkish Cypriot Side will pursue this position that is also fully supported by Motherland Türkiye and will continue to fight resolutely for the acknowledgment of our sovereignty and our State.”


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