March 22, 2023

Readers mail….
From Susie L Ford….

I had the best birthday ever on Thursday 27th February 2023 when I had over 200 birthday messages of love and cheer on Facebook and lots of beautiful cards and pressies so thank you all, dear friends, for making my special day one to remember forever.

And to my husband Martin, I cannot thank you enough for my little surprise get-together indoors with our friends where we had curry, chilli, sandwiches, fruits, nibbles, pies, pastie, sweet treats, and lots more.

WOW, we had such tasty food, and thank you all for bringing it and also all for the cards and pressies too.

Having such wonderful friends and Mayhem players join me and Martin was so very special and thank you to Kath for the wonderful cake and you all blew me away and I am feeling the love and friendship and feeling very spoilt.

Thank you all again.


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