March 23, 2023

For anybody that has had and cared for an animal in their life, it is just impossible to understand how other people treat animals so badly.

Recently we received news from Stephanie Harrison Croft of the Hope 4 Pets charity and support group of the terrible case of Nala a dog in the Lapta area who it seems, was attacked and beaten in her owner’s garden and then set on fire and then she was helped by a passer-by so that she could be taken for treatment for her burns and injuries.

Sadly despite a lot of care and extensive treatment for which a fundraising event was held, Nala passed away and now legal steps have been taken to discover the identity of the perpetrators of this appalling attack on an animal and hopefully they will face the full force of the law.

To read more about this case go to the Hope 4 Pets Facebook page

Poisoning of dogs is a very common event that we have read about over the years in Northern Cyprus and in the latest case, we were made aware of, poisoned bait that seemingly was laid near the Esentepe Football Stadium which resulted in the death of one dog that we are aware of.  

The only way to counter these despicable acts is for the community to be vigilant and identify people and report them with proof to the authorities and when high-profile prosecutions are reported then, perhaps other people will think twice about mistreating animals.       


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