March 22, 2023

Sampson wants a furever home

By Richar Beale….

Well, really he is also looking for his “furever” home as well, yes another sad dog story.

Sampson is a Kangal/ Labrador cross, around 4 years old and he spends most of his life locked up in a cage.

He was previously owned but not cared for and allowed to roam where he could be seen on the green in Esentepe village, when the Belediye decided to round up some street dogs he was then put with them in a Dog shelter.

He has been there since September, caged for around 23 hours a day which is far from ideal for him, we do our best for him by taking him out for a walk.  

He is such a gentle giant, so laid back, easy to walk on the lead, and has no aggression in him whatsoever.

He has been neutered and he deserves a better life and is living in a shelter so if any kind folk would like to come and, take him for a walk and see how gentle he is.

Better still, can anyone help and find Sampson his Furever home?

Please contact me, Richard, on 0533 8309968.

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