March 23, 2023

By Trevor Hughes….

Gas Tank Permits

The Government has finally issued gas tank permits for 2023.

The new costs are as follows –

500 Ltr 245 TL for a 2-year period.

1000 Ltr 275 TL for a 2-year period.

There will not be a fine for not having a Gas permit for 2022. You have until March 2023 to process your permit after which time there will be a late payment fine of 3% for non-payment. After March, if full payment has still not been paid there will be an additional 1.2% fine for every month the bill has not been made.

New MOT and Emission Fee

As of February 2023, an MOT costs 530 TL. A late MOT costs 780 TL and the emissions test now cost 70 TL.

Late Residency Fines

The Government is fining people 625 TL for each day they are late in renewing their residency permit.

Property Purchase Tax

The Government has announced that property purchase tax for those buying properties has increased from 1.2% to 3% for all foreign residents to 12%

News Round

We have decided to issue our monthly News Round from a monthly publication to a fortnightly publication.

We realise that by not producing the News Round in a shorter period of time, than a monthly issue, our information is missing a trick, that our regular monthly bulletin can be somewhat dated by the time it’s reached its destination.

Sky Transfer – Airport Transfer services

This Taxi driver is well known to our company for his taxi services and we highly recommend him if you ever need his services. He speaks the English language and when you book the journey, remind him that you are a customer of Capital Insurance and you will in return receive a £5 pound discount!

Enjoy this publication.

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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