March 22, 2023

Readers mail….

From Chris Green….

Dear Chris,

I trust that all is well for you all out there just now for I imagine things are pretty hectic given the Earthquake disaster etc. It is very clear that Britain is doing as much as possible to get aid to Turkey and Syria but the logistics of getting stuff where it’s needed in Syria is exceptionally difficult, so I understand.

One thing that I wanted to share with you though is that the Turkish AND Turkish Cypriot communities in London have collected a monumental quantity of Aid Materiel for dispatch to Turkey (possibly Syria too) and this was featured on BBC Breakfast News this past Sunday morning at some length and in fact, two gentlemen were interviewed, one representing London Turkish Cypriots and one a London Turkish Islamic group the programme clearly showed absolutely tonnes of goods to be transported from the collection point in North London.  

You might want to consider reporting the above in your next publication unless, of course, you are already covering such an item as this. Do let me know if there is anything more I can assist with in terms of information gathering.

Best wishes,

Chris Green

Christopher J Green

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