January 28, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott…

Having had the sad experience of having to deal with the passing of two people very close to me in the TRNC, I recommend local readers take note of the following posting by Ralph Kratzer of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) and seek further information through the website shown.

Dear members of TFR!

Yesterday´s event 23rd January, the presentation of PREPARING FOR THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE, at BlueSong in Lapta was successful and well attended… for the second event there are still places available… it is planned that this lecture will be held in the near future on the east side of Girne… date and venue to follow…

It is also planned that written information on this topic will be published to our members via newsletter, on our TFR-Facebook-site and on our info-webpage http://www.infonorthcyprus.com

Report from our Events Manager Pamela Tschersich:

“PREPARING FOR THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE… was very well attended and will run again… at the BLUESONG on MONDAY, January 30th at 10:00 a.m. to take the overflow …which is at present half full.
****  Should, after reading this  report, you  wish to attend please email me DIRECTLY under 
pam.tsch17@yahoo.com  or by ringing 0533 866 3564 to secure your seat…(TFR MEMBERS WILL ALWAYS BE TAKEN AS PRIORITY BOOKING)…

The TFR Cemetery Sub-Committee Chairman Graham Day, along with Jessie Ben-Dov & Robert Cruz, put together a very interesting and informative presentation on the necessity plus need to prepare for the death of a loved one.

The topics  covered where from the obvious to the pointers that a lot of people do not prepare for… This was covered very well from Jessie who, as a widow herself, experienced the shock of not only losing her husband but the reality of not knowing day-to-day necessities as e.g. paying bills or knowing passwords etc in a world of new technology which quite often require a face or fingerprint to access their phones and computers along with not organised password books to help the remaining partner deal with life after which, as we know, has to inevitably go on… there were many aspects of emotions covered..

Bob, who is a professional psychologist, gave a very clear, informative talk on dealing with the knowledge of having to get your life in order.

A group forum was  suggested in which help can be accessed via WhatsApp or email plus meetings can be arranged to help anyone cope with the unknown before problems or just to have a chat with people who are suffering from the same emotions in which bereavement has left them.

The immediate action required following the death of a loved one can be dealt with immediately with the help from our TFR Treasurer SANDY ORAM who, since a long time, helps running the Cemetery Sub-Committee and organizes the necessary steps to be done… she is the first person who is to be contacted….”

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