January 28, 2023

First Girne Village and Neighborhood Council Meetings

Girne Mayor, Murat Şenkul, Girne Municipality Council Members, administrative staff and department heads together with about 150 people from the region attended the first Girne Village and Neighbourhood Assembly meeting. During the meeting, which lasted about two and a half hours, Girne Municipality Administration listened to the public and took the necessary notes about local problems. Plans for the region were also announced. 

Girne Village and Neighbourhood Assembly Meetings, which are among the promises made by the Mayor of Kyrenia Murat Şenkul before the election, are planned to be held in all regions of Girne.  They will be public meetings where the people of the region can put forward their problems and demands and it is aimed to produce solutions in this regard.  The second of the Girne Village and Neighborhood Assembly Meetings will be held in Ozanköy.

The high interest shown in the Meeting held in the Bellapais region, is proof of the willingness of the people to solve the problems.  Girne Mayor, Murat Şenkul, noted that his belief  that the problems will be overcome with the support shown has increased even more. In his speech, Şenkul noted that the meeting aimed to listen to the public and to involve the public in the solution of problems.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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