January 28, 2023

The principals of public schools in the Girne region came together at the invitation of the Mayor of Girne, Murat Şenkul to discuss the needs and problems of the regional schools. In the meeting, it was pointed out that in the face of the increasing population, it became more difficult for the students to receive efficient education, and that the schools were insufficient in terms of infrastructure. The frame of the first road map to be followed in order to solve these problems was drawn. Noting that they took the first step of their future cooperation by meeting with the state school principals, Mayor of Girne Murat Şenkul emphasized that the needs of the regional schools were provided for at the moment.

Senkul’s Call for “16 Schools, 16 Sponsors”

Underlining that every contribution made to children is an investment in the future of the city in particular and the future of the country in general, Şenkul called on the business people of the region to support the Municipality of Kyrenia at this point. Şenkul, in the call he made under the title of “16 schools, 16 sponsors”.

“I would like to thank, in advance, our business people who want to support our initiative and on behalf of our children”.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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