December 10, 2023

Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul visited the Girne Antique Harbour

Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul emphasized that there are deficiencies in the ongoing renovation works at the Girne Antique Harbour and pointed out that it is unacceptable for the Girne Municipality to have been excluded from the project.

Mayor Murat Şenkul, City Council Members and senior municipal executives took part in a field trip  this morning 5th January 2023 to examine the renovation works carried out in the Girne Ancient Harbor area.

Şenkul noted that in the examinations conducted in the region and deficiencies were detected in some important issues. Emphasizing that it is unacceptable for the Municipality of Girne to have beem excluded from the Girne Ancient Harbour project, Şenkul stated that they plan to hold a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism officials to determine a roadmap immediately on this issue.

Şenkul  also stated that serious deficiencies were detected in the renovation works carried out in the Girne Antique Harbour area and stated that they decided to assign one of the technical personnel of Girne Municipality to the area until the end of the project in order to follow up the project progress.

Şenkul underlined that they, as Girne Municipality, are ready to contribute in every way possible for the project to come to an end in a profficient way, and said, “As we promised, we are here for the completion of the project on the 30th of May

Şenkul stated that they are planning to hold a meeting with the Project Coordinators of Girne Antique Harbor Renovation Project tomorrow 6th January 2023 and stated that the deficiencies identified and the works deemed necessary to be done will be revealed at the meeting.

On the other hand, Şenkul noted that all the tradesmen of the Ancient Port will be invited to a separate meeting to be held at Girne Municipality on Monday, January 9th, and emphasized that a road map will be determined together with the tradesmen at the meeting to be held.

Şenkul said, “The Girne Antique Harbour project is being carried out and the Municipality of Girne has been excluded from it, and it has no place in our understanding of our municipality responsibility.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality




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