January 28, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

In the past week I had created 2 CyprusScene videos and uploaded them to YouTube and then realised that I had made so many videos in the past about News and Reviews, Social Events and Heritage.

In looking back at these videos, I updated my YouTube channel to make it more attracted and in the New Year, which is so close now,  I intend to make many more videos including interviews and also publish reviews and perhaps podcasts as well about them.

Some of the subjects were fantastic including when Margaret Sheard and I had the opportunity to create a video together with the University of Kyrenia about flying nonstop from London Stansted to Ercan airport in the TRNC on a flight simulator.

We also had some other wonderful opportunities like being on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea witnessing the joining of the water pipeline from Turkey to Northern Cyprus

Heritage feature highly in our past videos with some fascinating places visited and publishedabout,  such as:

Le Chateau Lambousa – The Vision Realised.,

A visit to Akincilar village,

The Kırklar Tekke and Tombs near Ercan Airport,

Erenköy, the truth is told

I have always wanted to create more interview videos with people and organisation to help them promote their projects and hope we will see more of these in the New Year.   

This is a fascination future project with a lot of hard work to do and if there are any followers who perhaps would like to help, do please reach out to me.

In the meanwhile, do please view our videos and Like and Follow us on: Chris Elliott brings CyprusScene videos from YouTube

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