January 28, 2023

Christmas Market with the Bellapais Inner Wheel Club on the 18th December 2022 at the Wednesday Market, Girne.

By Heidi Trautmann….

Never before were there so many Christmas Markets on the island as this year.

What is the reason? Is it to support the artisans, the many charity associations or is it the desperate need to become and remain active to avoid a standstill in these desperate times? Most probably it is all of it. It reminds me of the times after WW2, nobody had a proper job; my parents got busy making doll houses from wood with all the small furniture and dolls dressed by them; my mom burnt patterns and pictures on wood with an electric needle, my grandma was sewing dresses for all in the house…our toys were handmade, we made them ourselves from what we found in the forest…

Going through the Wednesday marketplace with so many beautifully decorated stalls, I found these simple ideas realized, to create something with your hands and imagination. This event was organized by the Bellapais Inner Wheel Club and I met with many friends who are involved in the association, together they had worked hard to set this event up. With Nidai Güngördü, the Girne Mayor, whom I met on my way there, we have someone who really supports these events.

Yes, it is the creative people we should support, those who have a vision either for charity or to keep up the country’s culture, famous for its handicraft, it should not be forgotten. I recently have visited the institution of HasDer in Nicosia where you can find it all on display.

And not to forget the cuisine of the island, on all festivals and markets you will find them and the smell of it wafts through the marketplace with adults and children enjoying them.

I have taken many photos of the stalls click here to see more, I greet the exhibitors and organizers and tell them to continue.

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