January 28, 2023

Dear Family, dear Friends,

Here I am, sitting in my Eagle’s Nest on the 7th floor of ‘Tower 34’ with St. Hilarion just opposite. We have had the 1st of December 2022 and honestly, I don’t really know what to say to you with my Christmas-and End-of-the-Year Letter.  Such a message is supposed to be cheerful, with a positive outlook into the future, but I am afraid this is just what I cannot promise.

Perhaps this is due to my advanced age as I have never been a negatively thinking person, or let me say it a bit more elegantly, I see the world through my glasses of fully lived years, I trust you realize that I avoid speaking of wisdom. I have seen a lot of negative developments in many fields, the sorrow and pain they bring to humanity, to people close to me and I am very much concerned. I think, I do not really need to include the list of problems in details, you and I read the bad news every day.

I would rather speak of what I and others do to start each single day positively for us and to share it with others. During the first months of the Covid pandemic, I realized with great concern the depression and unhappiness among some of my artist friends, they became sort of paralysed, musicians, actors, visual artists without the urgently needed communication with the outer world. So, I started to record daily each sunrise and sunset from my governing view high above the city which in contrast to the sad situation down at street level were absolutely spectacular. I wanted to tell them, don’t look down at your problems or inside your soul, lift your head up and witness the beauty of the day, the day will be easier, and they accepted my encouragement and many friends were now waiting for the daily news from the sky. But is also saved me personally from drowning in despair and loneliness, I was too busy to be continuously on sky-watch to catch a precious moment, be it rain or sunshine, I would not want to miss any such moments.  I also brought photographic cloud stories in order to emphasize the importance of contrast, and not to despair in moments of darkness in our life but to wait for the light to come again. The sun will never leave us, often she is hidden behind mountains of clouds, and as I said in one of my poems at the end:

Just as in life day by day,

We have to take them as they come

and glide along. However, be honest,

would you otherwise see the blue of the sky?

The only creative people who used the stillness forced upon us were the writers and poets who were happy to have all the time to plunge into a creative phase.  Never ever have so many books been written and published as during the covid pandemic years. I also have used the standstill of time to write, and publish it one year later, my third book about the local art scene “The Thursday Artists, a Road of Friendship”, the story of our group of artists who have been working together for over twenty years, and as some of our members had left the garden of life, I thought it was about time to sit down and just do it, I did not want them and their work to be forgotten. I had great joy in putting the book together from the rich material in my archive.

It was most interesting and inspiring to see how some creative people, forced by the general need and distress, tried to go new ways in order not to drown in the darkness of the pandemic. Our art associations organised exhibitions for their members and posted them online; musicians met on Zoom to play together worldwide; museums and art galleries opened and invited for online virtual tours.  Groups and organisations with different interests and topics met online for conferences worldwide and tried to find solutions for our problems. An artist group in Nicosia South invited me to join their art history classes online and for four weeks we did Van Gogh in all details; it was something to look forward to in our weeks of loneliness. Among us artist friends we exchanged creative ideas and even recipes, I taught them how to make a good Bavarian bread. Never before or after the pandemic, have we done or experienced something of this kind, and we may conclude from this that necessity is and definitely remains the mother of invention.

Family members got close again and did many things together, they were no longer used to do; on the other hand, mistrust grew towards outsiders and foreigners; it took its time to get used to normal life again, even today, people are afraid of close contact with others, they continue to wear masks. However, it was remarkable how the will to help people in need grew and many private groups formed recognising human responsibilities to support elderly and sick citizens across the island, also neighbours helped each other and even I had more than once brought supplies to my door.   

Since February, we now have a new threat, a new ‘pandemic’ through the insane Putin and his megalomania. Not only that he is about to destroy an independent country but he sits there on his throne with the fuse in its hand and endangers our entire world. Why is it that humanity continues every 100 years to destroy again the laboriously achieved?

The abstract idea may come to mind that Nature in a sort of self-defense triggers a button to create phenomena which lead to self-destruction, in order to rid itself of humanity, a most annoying calamity. Our nature has been plagued for the last century beyond all measure and none of the countries is so far prepared to join forces to rescue the earth. People learn only when it hurts.

We need to break the habit to see ourselves as sovereign overall, on the contrary, we are nothing but the children of the earth, just have a closer look at your blood test sheet, we carry in us the elements of the earth.

With these words I come to the end of my thoughts for this year, may they inspire thoughts of your own about our earth. Perhaps you can help to make plastic and other antinatural material disappear from our daily life, let us be humble and let us seek the beauty in simple life and perhaps lift our heads more often in order to greet our day as something precious and worth recognising.  

I’ll be with you with all my heart and best wishes…


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  1. Heidi thank you for your inspiring thoughts it was a very enjoyable reading experience happy Christmas and and inspiring new year

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