November 30, 2023

President Ersin Tatar hosted a farewell lunch for US Ambassador Judith Garber at the Presidency.

President Ersin Tatar has stated that the way to reaching sustainable peace and stability in Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean is through a settlement that is based on the reaffirmation of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the two Sides in Cyprus.

The President made the remarks during the visit of the outgoing US Ambassador Judith Garber, who visited the President to bid farewell.     

President Tatar, emphasising that the general sentiment of Turkish Cypriot People is that they are being unfairly treated, stated that the Turkish Cypriot People have inherent equal rights in Cyprus. He added that federal based negotiations – which have been ongoing for more than half-a-century, has now been exhausted.  

Stating that it is in everybody’s interests for there to be a settlement on the island, President Tatar added that he has put forward a new vision that is fully supported by the Republic of Türkiye, for the two States to coexist side-by-side, in a cooperative relationship.

The President’s Special Representative M. Ergün Olgun, Bilateral Technical Committees Coordinator Güneş Onar, Advisor for Legal Affairs Sülen Karabacak, Special Advisor on International Relations and Diplomacy Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Işıksal, Foreign Press Officer Kerem Haser and Translator Laden Aktaşlılar were also present.


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