January 28, 2023

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the European Union (EU) General Affairs Council conclusions regarding Türkiye’s trade relations with Russia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Cyprus issue. In the written statement issued by the Ministry, it was noted that such conclusions sacrificing EU’s common interests for the benefit of certain Member States neither contribute to Türkiye-EU relations nor promote a constructive agenda.

EU General Affairs Council conclusions reveal, in its Türkiye related paragraphs, once again the narrow-minded and biased approach of the European Union against Türkiye.

It was emphasized that this approach of the EU proves again that the Union is far from evaluating accurately the change in the international system. “We totally reject EU’s baseless allegations against Türkiye regarding democracy, rule of law and human rights”. It was also stated that with regard to Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus issues, Türkiye does not accept the EU’s unfortunate statements that are no more than the voicing of the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

2 thoughts on “Turkish Foreign Ministry reaction to EU General Affairs Council

  1. The EU parliament is riven by conflicts of interest and far too easily manipulated by unelected MEPs. Türkiye has faults and problems, but takes a generally pragmatic approach to them. Rather than lecturing hypocritically the EU would do well to do as it preaches, and not as it presently acts.

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