January 28, 2023

‘Together at Christmas’ …. A call to a Christmas concert at the Bellapais Abbey on 9th December 2022 – with the Achord Community Choir from Limassol

By Heidi Trautmann….

In the initial invitation to the concert it said Kyrenia Chamber Choir and Achord Community Choir would be together on stage to celebrate Christmas time with us but Master COVID intervened with half the members of the Kyrenia Chamber Choir. So, the audience welcomed the Achord Community Choir, 26 choir members and the Musical Director Julie Edwards, festively dressed, to bring us the musical Christmas message.

Linda Bennett, General Manager of the Kyrenia Chamber Choir and Julie Edwards, Musical Director of the Achord Community Choir, and also Tatiana Khamzina, Musical Director of our choir, spoke welcoming words to the audience, also of meeting each other and working together in the spirit of love and friendship.

I searched for the Facebook site of the Achord Community Choir and learned how much they have been looking forward to come and sing for us in Bellapais Abbey, see the link hereunder, and here one comment I read after the concert …. Our Bellapais debut – what a stunning place to sing in and what a fabulous audience


It was a beautiful programme the two choirs had been putting together and had agreed upon; there had been one rehearsal meeting at the Abbey. I have attached the programme and also a sheet with the lyrics of the songs that the audience was invited to join in click here, which they did with great joy and you may be needingthem for Christmas Eve.

On such occasions, some members of the Kyrenia Chamber Choir sitting in the first row who had escaped the Covid attack, were standing up, facing us and joining in….Together at Christmas.


Christmas and Christmas songs belong together like a pair of socks; with a smile I remember Christmas Eve and we children in front of the green tree decorated with apples, nuts and cookies, singing these songs.

A big thank you for this evening which brought back such memories.

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