February 7, 2023

Chris aka Kuzey Kibris Chris and Fred at the Osman Aga Culture House

By Chris Elliott…

Margaret Sheard and I always looked forward to meeting our German friends, Chris aka Kuzey Kibris and Fred Kratzenberger for breakfast two or three times a year when they came for holidays and we met for a long chats at the Osman Aga Culture House in Iskele where we were served their monumental Turkish Breakfast’s!

Sadly 3 years ago or thereabouts, Covid arrived worldwide and it was not possible for Chris and Fred to travel from Germany to Northern Cyprus until this year when they made their first journey, but they both went down with severe colds (not covid) courtesy of air travel, so we could not meet again.

But this past weekend we were able to meet up again at the Osman Aga Culture House and talked about the sad passing of our lovely friend Margaret, and then we talked about so many other things she would have loved to have heard.

Following a delightful breakfast, we all went for a walk round the beautiful gardens which are now being expanded, so no doubt on their next visit there will be even more to see and talk about and I will love to visit the museum again, which has been expanded.

They both love Northern Cyprus and Fred first came here 40 years ago with Chris making his first visit 17 years ago and so fascinated were they both with the country and its beauty and history that they created and launched a website in 2007 http://www.kuzey-kibris.de/ where they have continued to promote all that’s best of life and heritage of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus they learn about during their many visits.

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