February 7, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

I wonder what passengers, sitting in their seats in an aeroplane, feel like while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. I am sure most of them never even realised that they were flying over the haunted part of the Atlantic Ocean. Also known  as the Devil’s triangle, this part of the ocean is notorious due to disappearance of some 50 ships and 20 aeroplanes, in that particular area, with reasons still unknown.

That’s the reason why the area starting from the Southeast coast of US, stretching to Bermuda, the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Interestingly, people do live in that part of the world, and there are tourists visiting them frequently. Obviously, they all simply do not care about the mysteries associated to that particular triangular shape of the ocean between them.

In fact, there are many adventurists who like to explore that area, termed as the haunted triangle, by some. Of course, there are many who wonder why this particular area of the Atlantic Ocean has been charted out as dangerous, unlucky or haunted.

It is not that every aeroplane crossing over or a vessel sailing through this particular area is lost or drowned, but there were two major incidents that brought the name of Bermuda Triangle to public attention. The first one was the disappearance of USS Cyclops in 1918 . In the second incident 5 bombers simply disappeared under unknown circumstances, on 5th December 1948.

Shrouded with mysteries, this particular area has got the attention of many people. Everyone has got a different opinion about these mysteries. Some consider that the area is the centre of Alien activities, who abduct humans for their own research.

On the contrary some believe that it’s the real-life location of Atlantis, the lost continent.

There are however some very serious observations and conclusions also. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believe that many tropical storms and hurricanes frequently pass through this area. The Gulf Stream Current too has been known to cause instant changes in the weather, making it almost impossible for any vessel trapped therein to survive.

Some believe that this area, has got a particular geomagnetic anomaly that at times may disturb the navigational instruments of any aeroplane or vessel passing at that particular time. That seems to be a logical reason for sudden disappearance of a vessel or aeroplane.

However, there are some very interesting yet serious reasons that have been related to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. One of these is the existence of explosive methane gas, which may surge over the surface of the water, causing ships to sink.

Though nobody can say anything with certainty about the exact reasons of the ships or aeroplanes lost in this particular area are, but looking at the statistics, there seems to be nothing very serious about the myth of  being a Devil’s triangle, as the reported incident’s in this area are of no match to aeroplane crashes and ships drowned in the sea in other part of the world.

With all these mysterious  theories and sayings filling the air, there still are flights crossing over the Bermuda Triangle. The pilots of these aeroplanes simply do not take the matter seriously. For them it’s just part of the game as with the tourists and local residents too.

The fact however is that  the islands around the Bermuda triangle, are indeed the places worthy of seeing and exploring. So, whether the mysteries and myths about the Bermuda triangle, affect you or not, you must visit that area, if you can.

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