January 28, 2023

The students from all over the world who attended the Turkish language course, opened in the Social Life Centre for those living in Girne and its region, expressed their satisfaction for this opportunity offered by the Municipality of Girne. The teaching of Turkish speaking, reading and writing in three-month courses for foreign nationals residing in the region, is intended to contribute to the trainees’ ability to express themselves better and to adapt to the city and social life.

The renovation of the Old Town Hall as the Social Life Centre, which was put into service in December 2020 as a training and development centre for children and adults, draws interest from those who come from Russia, Iran, Sweden, Germany, England, Syria and many other countries and now living in Northern Cyprus.

There are various other workshops and courses at the Centre, such as a Turkish course for children, an English course, a chess course, a sewing course and a computer course for adults. An English course for adults is run in cooperation with and at Final University.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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