January 28, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

In the name of our street children, dogs and cats, represented by several volunteer charity groups, another Christmas Market was held today 4th December 2022 at the Pia Bella Hotel, in the inner courtyard and garden, a perfect place for the many stalls so nicely and colourfully decorated with handicraft, jewellery, toys and not to forget cookies and other Christmas goodies.

Also the stall owners were equally decorated with Christmas items, one lady with the horns of a reindeer….the colour red was predominant, red, colour of joy, and in the background, Christmas songs created a lovely atmosphere.

A small girl was so happy with a white plush dog she found on one of the tables and would not want to leave it behind. Many faces I knew from other occasions, other festivals across the island, artisans but also friends I have not seen for quite a while.

They all were supporting the event to help solve the stray animal problem.

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