February 7, 2023

President Ersin Tatar receives Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia Badara Alieu Joof, who invited President Tatar to visit Gambia

“Cooperation between the two countries should be developed in the fields of international relations, tourism and culture as well as education.”

President Ersin Tatar today received the Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia Badara Alieu Joof where discussions were held on “deepening cooperation” between the two countries in different fields.

Mr Joof, who expressed “full solidarity and support” to the TRNC, conveyed the greetings of The Gambian President Adama Barrow, and invited President Tatar to the Republic of Gambia.

President Ersin Tatar, who began his speech by saying “today is an important day for us,” welcomed Vice President Joof and his delegation to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). President Tatar expressed his pleasure for receiving Mr Joof in his office and said that it is important to develop bilateral relations between the two countries across different fields including education and culture.

Drawing attention to the just struggle of the TRNC to integrate with the rest of the world, President Tatar stated: “We place great importance on your visit to the TRNC and welcome the solidarity and support you have expressed to the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriot People. I wholeheartedly wish to express the mutual affection and brotherly feelings we share for The Gambia, and share the view that our two countries should deepen our relationship. . .in the field of international relations, tourism, culture, business and higher education.”

President Tatar said he places “great importance on working harder for the benefit of our Peoples”, adding: “The TRNC has successful universities providing good standard of education to students from 144 different countries, who graduate and succeed in their careers and enter prominent positions in other countries.”

The President, welcoming the invitation to visit The Gambia, pointed to the importance of building trust between the two countries for the development of personal relations in other fields such as tourism and higher education.

Expressing his belief that the ministries of education and foreign affairs between both countries will act as a bridge to deepen relations and build trust between the two countries, President Tatar said that the TRNC authorities are doing everything to ensure Gambians studying in the TRNC feel comfortable in our country.

The Vice President of The Gambia, Badara Alieu Joof, thanked President Tatar for receiving them and said that the TRNC contributed to the education of Gambian students. He said The Gambia wishes to deepen cooperation between the two countries not only in education but also in other fields such as international relations, tourism and culture.

Continuing his speech, Mr Joof said that “our foreign policy is not dictated by others,” and also pointed out that the TRNC is important for The Gambia. He expressed his gratitude to the TRNC on behalf of the Gambian which he said is contributing to the education of Gambian students in the republic, and he invited President Tatar to The Republic of The Gambia.




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