January 29, 2023

ACPA/KKSD – Association of Cyprus Paper Artists 2nd Workshop for Paper Jewellery on 26th November 2022

By Heidi Trautmann….

Today’s meeting at the beautiful studio of Mustafa Öztunç in the Arabahmet area was to continue what we had started three weeks ago when we learnt the basics and various techniques to make jewellery from paper. Our teachers were again Inci Kansu and Ismet Tatar, founder members of our association.

You will  find the story of our first workshop under the following link


Today, some of the participants brought their finished pieces for us to see. I have attached photos.

Our second workshop was to deepen our experience with different materials:

A…cut-outs of one size in various colours, for example in the form of a leaf, two glued together with a piece of string in-between. They would later be attached to a string for a necklace (see photos of the 1st workshop) click here for Heidi’s Facebook page.

B…cut-outs from simple white paper in the form of spear tips, the edges coloured with markers and then rolled tightly over a wooden skewer, glued and painted with colourless nail varnish; or, what we tried later, dipped in hot wax…

C…single roll-ups used as pendants, bracelets

The images speak for themselves.

The place, the studio of the artist Mustafa Öztunç, is very inspiring, the building old Cypriot style with an original Hamam in the backyard. I first knew Mustafa for his printing and graphic works, woodcuts and when I met him at his studio many years ago, he was the only owner of a printing machine, let’s say until ten years ago? He is one artist who loves to experiment on all levels, now with paper. He has waste paper in the backyard he cuts up and prepares for further use and experiments for art. But he is also a good cook because he spoilt us with a tasty olive/herbal bread still warm from the oven.

I took some photos from the ‘out of the window atmosphere’. The environment you live and work in is very important for your own development.

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