May 31, 2023

Inci Kansu and the ACPA KKSD workshop for making Jewellery from paper

By Heidi Trautmann…

The ACPA/KKSD – Association of Cyprus Paper Artists held their workshop for making Paper Jewellery on the 5th of November 2022

The very successful series of workshops in making and recycling paper had to be interrupted for quite a while due to the Covid pandemic. So far, the association’s workshops were intended to instruct the re-use of waste paper in general, how to make paper pulp, and from there the wide range of use of it.

See their website for further information.

For the recent workshop, the theme was to make jewellery from paper. We had already admired the beautiful creations made and worn by our friends and colleagues Inci Kansu and Ismet Tatar, both founding members of the association, who had suggested and led this workshop.

The venue for the workshop was the charming studio of our member and artist Mustafa Öztunç, in an old Cypriot house situated in the Arabahmet area, and the atmosphere was most inspiring for the event. We were thoroughly instructed about the various techniques and were shown samples before we started our own creations.

We had been given a list of materials and tools to bring with us, and soon we were bent over our tasks to make our own paper jewellery in different colours and forms.

I was thinking, why not use this jewellery technique for other purposes, for example, decorations for the Christmas tree, or chains of handmade paper decorations for festive occasions?

This is what workshops are about, to stimulate our imagination. Thank you for it, thank you to the organisers, thank you to our host.

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Editors Note:: I recently met a friend at the home of Inci Kansu who took me took me into her workshop and my mind was blown away by the different creations she had lovingly produced from paper.

Inci Kansu is truly a great artist and an inspiration to us all, of how we can be creative and make beautiful things if we try.

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