May 31, 2023

‘Umit Inatci Art Centre’ at Ismet Güney Art Centre 15 – 23 Sep 2022

By Heidi Trautmann…

The understanding of art has certainly undergone a considerable change of direction during some time and who is better to explain it than the artist Ümit Inatçı himself in the introduction to his Art Centre’s newly published art magazine ARS AXIS volume 2, which we had the chance to buy at the opening of the exhibition AZ ÇOK / MORE OR LESS.

The artworks of five artists, Carlo Carnevali, Sümer Erek, Ismet Değirmenci, Ümit Inatçı, Demetra Kokkinou, Emre Zeytinoğlu seem a bit lost in the wide exhibition hall and you had to get very close which was probably intended, to draw the viewer closer to read and understand the thoughts that were brought onto paper and canvas. A symbolic language, but do we not live surrounded by symbols?

Art must not be big and shiny to be convincing, a stone found under one’s feet may give food for deep thoughts, and may become a reminder of a historic moment. Watching things, people, and events pass by and giving them an image. Experimental work in different techniques.

Ümit Inatcı Art Centre

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