September 27, 2022

“Hayatımıza değer katan Kadınlarımız/Our Women and their Value in our Society

Book Launch Volume I – at KÖDER Sahmanbahçe Nicosia

By Heidi Trautmann….

A project of KÖDER /Women’s Stories Association has become reality, the book with the life stories of 41 women of different background and different professions, women who have lived and worked in Cyprus with an exemplary conduct and spiritual competency, and as it was mentioned in the welcoming speech by Şenay Ekingen, President of KÖDER: “These women from the first half of last century have represented great values in our lives, and we don’t want them to be forgotten.”

The past should never be forgotten because they are the pillars on which society has been built. It is a beautiful book with a short story of their life and work, some of the women I have personally met.

Further I learnt from one of the KÖDER members that it had taken them much effort to research and bring together the material for this book, it takes love and dedication for the island’s history to bring the project to a successful publication. I heard that there will be a second volume in the future.

It was a warm atmosphere in the charming Sahmanbahçe quarter around one of the beautiful fountains, in front of the building of KÖDER, with the women of the book seated in the first rows. One of the KÖDER members and part of the Editorial Board and former teacher Gülgün Serdar, raised her voice in a thunderous speech about women and their values and power and when she recited a poem, I believe it was one of her own poems, it sounded like a prophecy and she got enthusiastically applauded by the audience.

I had strongly suggested that the book be translated into English for foreign residents to read.

The book which was sponsored by Limasol Insurance, has 200 pages and costs TL 150. It can be obtained at KÖDER, they are on Facebook

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