September 27, 2022

Organised by Girne Municipality, the 10th Girne Culture and Art Days started with an Işın Karaca concert on Tuesday evening, 23rd August 2022.

Işın Karaca, who made a name for herself with her album “Sen Ben Aşk”, (You, Me, Love) took the stage with her private orchestra at the Girne Amphitheatre. Her energetic voice and impressive stage performances treated the audience to an exuberant evening.

Karaca’s unending love for Cyprus and amusing mannerisms also attracted attention.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that after an interval of 2 years due to the pandemic, they were happy to organise the 10th Girne Culture and Art Days and present such events to the citizens once again.

Saying that the slogan of this year’s organisation was “Art, peace and tolerance” he hoped the arts would be conducive to peace, tolerance, and health.

Exciting moments with Işın Karaca

Present in the audience was Karaca’s family and friends and she left the stage and the microphone to sing “If God Doesn’t Want” in her natural unaided voice, mingling with her listeners.

She said although she had sang in front of hundreds of thousands of people before, she felt excited in front of that audience at the amphitheatre.

Cypriot artist Soner Türsoy, founder of the Babutsa Group, and a close friend was also in the audience and she invited him onto the stage and they sang a duet together. Neither did she pass up the chance to sing with her mother, Şeniz Büyükkaraca, who was in the audience.

Her accompanying percussionist’s show on the drums was also much appreciated.

After the concert, Nidai Güngördü thanked Işın Karaca and a member of the Board of Directors of Les Ambassadeurs Hotel for their contributions and presented them with flowers and gifts.

Program of Kyrenia Arts and Culture Days

Tuesday, 6th September: Mustafa Ceceli

Thursday, 22nd September: Leman Sam

Wednesday, 12th October: Kolpa

Tickets for the concerts are fixed at 100 TL each and available during working hours from the Municipality and Girne region Mukhtars’ Offices; also from the Deniz Plazas in Kyrenia and Nicosia and Rüstem Bookstore in Nicosia.

They can also be purchased on the night at the Amphitheatre.

Işın Karaca and Mustafa Ceceli are appearing with the cooperation of Les Ambassadeurs Hotel.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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