October 5, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The year was perhaps 2017, and I had just returned after Can Gazi had recorded my interview for BRTK Television when the phone rang. The voice from the other end introduced himself as Chris Elliott, who wanted to put up a write-up about myself in the CyprusScene.com website. We agreed to a meeting the following week in a small cafe very near to my home in Lefkoşa.

On the agreed date, both Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard came there to have a chat with me. That was the first time that I had met both of them. We did have a casual chat for about half an hour, where mostly Chris spoke, but Margaret remained busy taking her notes in shorthand. That was something very astonishing for me, since it had been a long long time since I had last seen someone writing shorthand. But that was Margaret Sheared and her politeness, soft smile, and casual style was something that I still have fresh in my mind.


The next time, I met Margaret was at the exhibition of my paintings at the Black Olive restaurant. While Chris was busy taking photographs, Margaret was busy chatting with my daughter. Chris had taken a wonderful photograph of both of them while they laughed in front of a portrait of my wife, that I had painted..

After some time, I received a call from Margaret, asking if I had sold one particular painting that I had put into the exhibition. I told her that particular painting was still available. Actually, it was an oil painting of some warriors on horseback. It was a nice painting.

Margaret told me that she had noticed that Chris had liked that particular painting in the exhibition. Keeping that in mind, Margaret told me that she wanted to present that particular painting to Chris on his birthday. We agreed on a price and the next day was Sunday, and Margaret took the trouble to drive all the way to Lefkoşa to my place to take the painting. That was indeed a lovely feeling, seeing how much she cared for Chris.

And then came the famous failed adventure of publishing the CyprusScene newspaper. Both Chris and Margaret did their best to keep their newspaper floating but it failed due to a partnership disagreement with a company. I was there at their place on the last day when the ultimate decision was taken. I wanted them to start a new newspaper. Chris though half-heartedly appeared to want to launch a new newspaper, Margaret had already made her decision. She refused to enter into any new adventure.

I went to their house, a couple of times, and tried to persuade her to change her mind, but she would not. Both Chris and Margaret started publishing the CyprusScene e-newspaper online which she designed, and I always wondered why Margaret did not want to publish a new newspaper for the high street.

It was a couple of months later when I decided to close my own newspaper due to financial and administrative reasons when I understood the decision made by Margaret. She was very correct to say “NO”, to a new adventure of publishing a CyprusScene high street newspaper. This I understood months later, after losing a good amount of money on my venture and Margaret had clearly understood the potential problems.

These are some of the good old memories of Margaret Sheared, which are always fresh in our minds. She is no more now, but we all cannot forget her. She is simply an unforgettable person.

Rest in Peace Margaret Sheared.

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