September 28, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

My whole life is filled with adventure. So I am used to being in something new all the time. The world of Youtube to is the same. Two years ago, a close friend of mine led me to this new world, full of thrill and adventure. It indeed is a world filled with adventure and tough competition, which I do like to be in, but now after the lapse of about 21 months, I find myself totally lost.

Since I am from the previous generation, who still consider the computer as the younger brother of the typewriter, I am not too good at using various software. The use of my mobile phone and the Apps. inside, do give me a very tough time, whenever I try to do something on it. So in short, I am still a novice, in the digital world, though, after the passing of two years. I usually, try to do only what I consider unavoidable and necessary. Thus, I am not in a habit of learning anything on my mobile or PC, which I do not need.

With this background of my own knowledge, I created a channel of my own on Youtube. I must admit that at that time I was not too enthusiastic to go all out for this new adventure. Honestly, I was excessively eager to do something really new on Youtube. I do not know video editing, etc. so I developed my own style of talking extempore, in front of the camera, on some pre-decided topic. The topics of my videos varied widely. I started uploading a video, without any editing whatever, since I had believed as if I was making a speech in front of a crowd or a gathering, with no chance of deleting or cutting any mistake.

The selection of a topic was never a problem for me, and it’s still so, due to my background in journalism. Thus my youtube channel became the hub of videos with topics from all walks of life. The topics of my daily uploaded videos varied from aviation to sports, social problems to adventure in mountains, singing to the mafia world, etc, etc. I uploaded more than 600 videos in the span of 21 months. By all means, it’s a very good achievement.

But making the video and uploading it is not everything on Youtube. In order to turn Youtube into a financial adventure, one must have at least 1000 subscribers. But that’s not all, the toughest condition to qualify for monetisation is to have a minimum of 4000 watch hours during the last 365 days. That’s the toughest part of the adventure.

Though during the last 21 months I have succeeded in getting 1000 subscribers for my channel, I am too far away from the magic figure of 4000 watch hours. I am trying hard to let people watch my videos but in vain. To get the figure of 4000 watch hours in the last 365 days, the daily average is required to be about 11 hours daily. Mine though is just 4 hours daily. Thus with my present level of performance, I will never be able to have 4000 hours in the last 365 days.

The only way out for me is to attract more and more people who should watch my videos. I have tried all possible ways with no positive results. Still, my average watch hour performance is much below the required level.

Seeing all my efforts going in vain, during this period, frequently I find myself depressed and lost, trying to find some way out. Recently I have come across some fresh ideas that may lead to my goal, but for that, I have to take some bold decisions. All this requires me to re-start new efforts, with new ideas and new efforts. But all this would for sure need more time, which unfortunately I do not have.

So, right now I find myself totally lost in the bewitching world of YouTube.

Ahmet Abdulaziz YouTube channel: UMOSRANA

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